The stairlift is the right solution for the removal of architectural barriers where it is not possible to install a lift or a lifting platform. It is available in the version for wheelchairs or with seat, according to customer needs and characteristics of the building. The solution with wheelchairs platform allows independent use by the disabled, also thanks to the possibility to motorize the opening. The simplicity of the model with seat  allows the reduction of installation and management costs, making it the most economic product for the elimination of architectural barriers in buildings.


Minimun size: CIAM stairlift with seat represents the least invasive solution, minimizing space requirements and installation works.

Flexibility: These systems can be placed at both sides of the stairs, by carrying out any type of curve smoothly. According to the individual need, CIAM stairlift with seat may have the first portion of guide in folding or vertical version, to avoid interference with other elements of the scale.

Barriers Elimination: CIAM stairlift for wheelchairs allows the elimination of architectural barriers by fully responding to the requirements of Law 13/89, allowing the user to access the rankings for the allocation of public funds.

Internal and External installation: Thanks to the special treatment of the guide and the top cover equipping stairlift for wheelchairs, they are appropriate to be installed outside the building.

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