Electric Lifts

Electric lifts: This high-tech system that combines the profile of energy efficiency and high performance, is suitable for installation with large differences in levels and can reach high speeds. The modern technology that characterizes the electric lifts of CIAM Ascenseurs Algérie makes the system quiet and comfortable and the solution without machine allows a significant reduction.


The CIAM Ascenseurs Algérie lifts are available in both the classic configuration, in the absence of the engine room, through the insertion of traction devices inside the sheath and the positioning of the nearby cabinet of the landing door.


The technology without permanent magnet gearbox guarantees efficiency, quiet operation, high driving comfort and reduced noise and vibration.


CIAM Ascenseurs Algérie develops sustainable high efficiency solutions, reduced management costs and improved environmental impact. Elevators are designed to reduce energy consumption and can be seamlessly integrated.

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Hydraulic Lifts

This extremely versatile system, ideal for installation in existing buildings, is very reliable thanks to its proven technology.
The design solutions developed by the company make the hydraulic lift a very flexible system that can be introduced in small spaces. The elevator has a proper certified cabinet that allows installation even in the absence of a dedicated machine room.


Versatility: The hydraulic lifts of CIAM Ascenseurs Algérie can be easily adapted to all needs, from small systems for domestic use to large industrial lifts with double piston.

Cost: The reliability and ease of management of hydraulic lifts significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs.

Flexibility: The possibility of inserting the piston in a lateral and rear position by means of a size configuration, or in the center with direct traction, makes this type of system particularly suitable for optimizing the available space.

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Inclined elevators

CITYLIFT inclined lift is one among the most modern and innovative products in CIAM’s range. It represents a flexible solution to overcome barriers of any kind, such as cliffs, steep slopes and steep ways. CITYLIFT is able to connect different levels of a town using cutting edge technology with low environmental impact and possibility to produce energy.

CITYLIFT cancels distances by tearing down the barriers that prevent access to inhabited places, easy to use for people with physical disabilities, for elderly people and for the access of prams, the inclined lift is perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment enabling a true enjoyment of living spaces.


• Preassembly runway complete with accessories;
• Safety device for “off plan” car door;
• Light curtain access in the vehicle;
• Wireless car and landing doors;
• Wireless transmission of signals and safety devices;
• Back to the top in the absence of power;
• Electronic economizer of motor brake;
• Remote Troubleshooting;
• Video surveillance;
• Monitor in the cabin;
• Cab conditioning

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Lift Platform

An elevating platform designed for the transport of people and materials, it allows the elimination of architectural barriers and the insertion in private houses or small buildings.
For the installation of the platform, small constructions are needed and CIAM Ascenseurs Algérie does it itself.
The aerial work platform is characterized by limited installation and maintenance costs and provides efficient service with low energy consumption.

Available in three versions

semi-automatic: Automatic operation with pendulum doors and automatic bellows doors.

Automatic: Automatic operation with landing and automatic cab doors and telescopic doors.

Constant pressure: Manual mode with wing landing doors and open cabin in correspondence with the side of the doors.

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Escalators and moving walks

Stairs and moving walkways allow you to channel ï pedestrian movements, guaranteeing comfortable movements.
They are available for private use or equipped according to the rules for public use. The products can be equipped with special measures for installation in outdoor environments and can be customized according to customer needs.


The movable stairs are available in the 30 ° and 35 ° version and are supplied with crystal or custom balustrade according to customer requirements. They can be supplied in continuous operation mode or, as required, with the possibility of “standby”, which allows energy savings.

Moving walks

Treadmills can be installed on flat ground or with 10 ° or 12 ° inclination. Particularly suitable for use in shopping centers, also used to load trolleys, they are installed in pairs to allow the dispersion of traffic up and down.

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The stairlift is the right solution for the removal of architectural barriers where it is not possible to install a lift or a lifting platform. It is available in the version for wheelchairs or with seat, according to customer needs and characteristics of the building. The solution with wheelchairs platform allows independent use by the disabled, also thanks to the possibility to motorize the opening. The simplicity of the model with seat  allows the reduction of installation and management costs, making it the most economic product for the elimination of architectural barriers in buildings.


Minimun size: CIAM stairlift with seat represents the least invasive solution, minimizing space requirements and installation works.

Flexibility: These systems can be placed at both sides of the stairs, by carrying out any type of curve smoothly. According to the individual need, CIAM stairlift with seat may have the first portion of guide in folding or vertical version, to avoid interference with other elements of the scale.

Barriers Elimination: CIAM stairlift for wheelchairs allows the elimination of architectural barriers by fully responding to the requirements of Law 13/89, allowing the user to access the rankings for the allocation of public funds.

Internal and External installation: Thanks to the special treatment of the guide and the top cover equipping stairlift for wheelchairs, they are appropriate to be installed outside the building.

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