CITYLIFT inclined lift is one among the most modern and innovative products in CIAM’s range. It represents a flexible solution to overcome barriers of any kind, such as cliffs, steep slopes and steep ways. CITYLIFT is able to connect different levels of a town using cutting edge technology with low environmental impact and possibility to produce energy.

CITYLIFT cancels distances by tearing down the barriers that prevent access to inhabited places, easy to use for people with physical disabilities, for elderly people and for the access of prams, the inclined lift is perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment enabling a true enjoyment of living spaces.


• Preassembly runway complete with accessories;
• Safety device for “off plan” car door;
• Light curtain access in the vehicle;
• Wireless car and landing doors;
• Wireless transmission of signals and safety devices;
• Back to the top in the absence of power;
• Electronic economizer of motor brake;
• Remote Troubleshooting;
• Video surveillance;
• Monitor in the cabin;
• Car conditioning

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